Beatport / Moody Recordings Tutorial :
Moody Recordings Underground Sample Pack V3
Blurred Culture Interview: DJ Ben A with Moody Recordings:
The Denver Label Head talks about Moody Recordings
Denver International Airport South Terminal Redevelopment Program:
Animation Collaboration project with
Nathan Croswhite & Brent Mather / Gensler

Velocity Radio:
During this episode guest ben A tells Miss Audry about his favorite studio gear, gives tips for producers who use Logic Pro and his philosophy behind making good tracks. Miss Audry also sings LIVE from the studio and gives listeners a SAMPLE of the new track 'Moonlight'.

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Velocity Radio:
Velocity After 8 caught up with DJ ben A! Long running Colorado DJ, ben A chats with Miss Audry about how has he has evolved over the years and how he plans to take things to the next level. He has worked aimlessly to make a name for himself, not just behind the booth, but also in the studio with friend, Jonas Temple. EDM music lovers can hear his talents on Beatport with to numerous releases on labels like Moody Recordings and 5 and Dime Recordings, both of which call Denver, Colorado home.
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